Sunday Mornings in Marrickville

When you go through major changes in your life, you feel that your social structures are being completely disrupted. You can’t help but feel a bit lost, and trying to find that sense of belonging can be a hard process. I recently went (or I am still going through) this situation, after breaking up with my partner of five years, with whom I shared a house and my whole community of friends.

When you have been with someone for so long, boundaries of spaces and friendships become blurry, and negotiating the dynamics of those shared spaces after a breakup can become quite complex.But hey no one dies of love (although it F%$&* hurts) and life goes on, so when you are in this situation you need to find new spaces and new communities to connect with. And that’s what I did; I found a new house that came with two beautiful and amazing flatmates. This new house is just four blocks away from the Addison road markets, which I’ve explored many times before; but now they have become my point of connection – my new community.

Sunday mornings are now sacred for me. We usually go to the markets to grab a bunch of the freshly local produce, a box of veggies or a serving of the corn fritters, or we simply head straight to the chai tent to relax under the tree surrounded by the smell of spices and listen to some acoustic music by the local artists that usually play there.

I love walking through the markets and bumping into people, and seeing the familiar faces of people that have the stalls there every Sunday – the free range egg lady, the flower girl, the juice team, the raw vegan deserts girl – even though I don’t know them personally, they are now my new Sunday markets community; I smile and they smile back, they make me feel connected and that makes me happy.

Top things to do at the Markets:

  • If you are a meat eater: Head to Casa Latina for a choripan o asado (typical Latin American BBQ)
  • If you are into raw vegan: Try the coconut, walnut and fig pie with raspberry topping at the raw desert stall close to the chai tent.
  • If you like chilling: Just lay down and relax at the chai tent.
  • If you feel like going on a visual adventure: Go and explore Reverse Garbage, where garbage has a completely new meaning.
  • If you feel like having an exotic breaky: Try the Egyptian or Morrocan style corn fritters at the corn fritter stall.

Addison road markets are on very Sunday from 8:00 am till 3:00 pm are located at The Addison Rd Community Centre, 142 Addison Rd Marrickville.

By Raquel Duron Perez



  1. Elle

    Such a similar story to mine! I moved into Illawarra Rd in Marrickville and didn’t know anyone in the area and craved some connection! I walked my dog every Sunday to the markets and got to know the stallholders. Great sense of community and lovely atmosphere 🙂 I just got back from there an hour ago!

  2. Raquel Pérez Nieto

    Chuiquita gracias por compartir tus sentimientos y el lugar en el que disfrutas tu domingo. Me encantaron las fotos, por cierto … Pudiste arreglar tu cámara?. Dime si necesitas algo para la cámara. BESOS!!!!!

  3. Freya Latona

    Such a lovely post, thank you. I have for the past few Sundays gone to Marrickville markets for some sacred sunday time, inspired and reminded by your pics.The chai and sugar free pumpkin pie can cure just about anything the week has thrown at you.

  4. We enjoy the camaraderie of Sundays @ Marrickville too! It’s great to know that the word is getting around.

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