Our Circle of Women

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
-Margaret Mead

Circle of Women began as a happy accident really. After reading Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof, we three mummy friends were so moved by the stories told in the book that we just had to ‘do something’. We had no idea that Circle of Women would strike a chord with so many women.

Our first initiative was ‘Women Walk for Water’, a six kilometre walk – six km being the average distance women walk on a dialy basis to collect water in some developing countries. The walk was a show of solidarity for sisters across the planet, as well as chance to raise awareness and funds for women living in deloping countries. Overwhelmed with support, our Circle of Women became a point of connection for women of the Central Coast (and beyond) who were interested in social justice issues.

Circle of Women is an online facebook community of women (and some very supportive, brave men) that spills out into real life by way of events several times a year. Three characteristics station Circle of Women; Sisterhood, Solidarity and Shared Engagement.

Something pretty amazing takes place when people who have like-minded passions get together; it’s breathtaking and exciting. We love those moments of connection. It’s like the flame within us has been set alight and we realise we are not alone on the journey.

Circle of Women embraces those from all walks of life who are searching for belonging. At one of our past events we had three woman walk up to us individually who didnt know each other and say that ‘they felt like they were home’. This is why we exist – to place value on the dreams of woman who have a heart and a passion for social justice.

Cirlce of Women has become a platform for friendships, a space to discuss important issues facing women around the globe and an arena to make a difference.

By Adelle Laing, Kristy Fox and Alana Jane Garratley

The lovely ladies from Circle of Women have kindly chosen to donate half the proceeds form their screening of Half the Sky, which will be shown at the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre this Thursday evening. If you’re in the Central Coast area, we’d love you to join us.

Half the sky v6 June 2013


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