about this project

This Place is Yours is a storytelling project that celebrates the human experience. Our mission is to embrace the sacred power of creativity as a way to open up our dialogue and get us to connect on a level that matters.

Officially, we are all about mental health, social inclusion & social change. We believe that the more we bring all of our experiences into our daily conversations, the less likely we are to resist against those deemed “abnormal”. The way we view ourselves is mirrored by the way we view the world, so the more we accept our own stories – both the good and the ugly – the more we will accept those of others. Self acceptance is a starting point for self love, and we cannot love one another if we do not love ourselves first.

Once we start “coming out of the closet” with all our idiosyncrasies, we will start to see that we are not so alone. Stigma thrives in isolation and silence, and we believe that one of the best ways to develop empathy and understanding is through the art of story.

We certainly cannot make pain go away, but we can begin to view it a little differently. It is an inevitable part of life, something that we all experience in varying shades and forms. Once we start to see that pain and joy go hand in hand just as love and heartache, we can begin to transform the way we deal with both the ups and the downs of life.

This Place is Yours raised money on crowd funding platform Pozible from June to September 2012. We couldn’t have done it without our initial supporters, and we thank them immensely.

We launched on May 26, 2013 with a wonderful evening of storytelling at VIVID Sydney. Thank you so much to everyone who came.

This project is created and run by Seraphina Reynolds, who is pursuing the ideas behind it with a PhD through the Institute for Culture & Society at the University of Western Sydney and the Young & Well CRC.

We encourage all of you to share your personal narratives on this site. Please become a part of this movement with us.

Get in touch – connect@thisplaceisyours.com

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