notes on sharing

* This Place is Yours publishes stories with the option of full name bylines, first name only, and anonymity. If you wish, we can link to your work. Before we publish your work, you agree that you are fully aware of the implications of public disclosure and we will not be held liable for any complications that may result.

* Before you choose to share your story, please consider the following:

– Sharing your story may influence the way other people perceive you. It is an extremely brave and courageous position to put yourself in, but some people may not understand the mission of this project and therefore may not understand why you are sharing.

– By sharing sensitive information, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position and this can be confronting to some people, particularly those who do not express their vulnerability often. It may at times be uncomfortable.

– Be open to the possibility that people who you may not want to hear your story will be seeing it on this site.

* If you choose to share your story amongst your own networks, social media or otherwise, you are must be aware of the associated risks of sharing and agree not to hold This Place is Yours liable for any complications that may result.

* Please only share what you feel comfortable with. Do not push yourself to discuss more than you are ready to. Your relationships to your stories and acceptance will transform over time, and later down the track you may want to share more. But take it easy.

* We cannot publish anything that references another person, whether directly or indirectly. If, for example, you are sharing a story about abuse or a crime being committed against you, the focus of the story has to be on your feelings and experiences rather than the perpetrator. We will not publish anything that may be subject to defamation or libel. We will not accept anything that is hateful, slanderous or prejudice.

* Although we will keep the essence of the story and your voice intact, we will edit out any grammar, spelling or language errors.

* Please be mindful of the language you use when writing your story. Be careful that the words you use do not incite stereotypes or bigotry. For more information, please check out the Mindframe guidelines for Stage & Screen.

* If for any reason you want us to take down your post after you have been published, please email us and we will endeavour to do so as soon as possible.

* Telling your story can be a profoundly cathartic experience, but it can also bring stuff up that you have never dealt with before in the process. This is completely normal. If you are having difficulty coping, please visit your local doctor or seek independent counseling. If you are in Australia, you can ring Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit Beyond Blue. For more resources, click here.

The above guidelines have been compiled in association with Mindframe.

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