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This Place is Yours encourages you all to share your personal narratives on this website.

We welcome submissions on your emotions and experiences, your passion and your work, issues that are close to your heart, things that inspire you, how you have cultivated wisdom in your life, your relationship with your creativity, and your connection to places you have been (or want to go).

You can submit your story in writing, poetry, art, design, photography or video. For writing, please keep it under 1000 words. For visuals, please include a few sentences of explanation with each piece. You have the option of publishing first name only or anonymously if you choose.

This Place is Yours is more concerned with getting you to create rather than the outcome of your creation. We have no hard and fast rules about what we want submissions to look like, and please do not worry about your work being “good”. While there are plenty of art and writing classes you can take to become critically better at your craft, that is not the point of this project. We simply want you to express your story and share your story, and we can only hope that this will be the jumping point for your further creative exploration.

If you want some tips on how to get started, we suggest spilling your thoughts right onto the page and expressing what you have never expressed before. Do not focus so much on the details of the external factors, but on yourself and how it impacted you. We’re more interested in the Why than the  What. We’re more concerned with You than with anything else. We will not accept anything that is hateful, slanderous or prejudice.

Telling your story can be a profoundly cathartic experience, but it can also bring stuff up that you have never dealt with before in the process. This is completely normal. If you are having difficulty coping, please visit your local doctor or seek independent counseling. If you are in Australia, you can ring Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit Beyond Blue. For more resources, click here.

Please read through our notes on sharing before you become involved with this site.


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